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Affordable Websites! Custom Websites for Dallas Area Businesses. For a limited time, we are running a special on custom websites. We are offering 5 different styles, each one...

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Expert SEO Targeting Local Customers

Let’s face it. We could all use more money, which means we need more sales, which means we need more customers, which means we need more prospects. And Dallas Biz Builder...

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Make yours a MOBILE

Mobile searches: 30% and GROWING

Over 50% of Google searches are now done with a mobile device. In fact, if you are a restaurant, then you might be missing as much as 40% of your customers. Or even more. Last...

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Your Own Amazon Affiliate Store

Have you ever wanted your own Amazon Affiliate Store? Internet Commerce is in the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS! You can have your very own Amazon Affiliate Store where you can control the...

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Blogging is Like Jogging

New year. New resolutions. You decide that this year, by George, you are going to get in SHAPE! So, you go out and jog. At least a block. OK, that’s a great start. The next day, you jog again. But, Oh, it hurts! So on that third day you decide that you will skip it. You can just make it up tomorrow, right? Fourth day, you head out in your running shoes, and it is RAINING! Well, you certainly can’t jog in the rain.

This goes on for about a month. At the end of 30 days, you have actually gone jogging about 7 of them.

Now, relate this story to your blogging.

Can you see the similarities?

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Dating? Again?

Well, yes.

Inbound Marketing is like dating.

And I know that scares the heck out of some of you. But you need to get over it.

Customers today are empowered. And smarter. And much wiser with their money. And all of this is a good thing. A very good thing.

But to be successful with Inbound Marketing, you have to realize that business is personal. Take that old saying “It’s not personal. It’s business.” and throw it out with the ad agencies of the Sixties and Seventies.

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Lead Conversion in the Wild

Have you ever watched one of those shows on The Learning Channel or The Discovery Channel? You know the ones that I am talking about. You watch someone in the Wild lure an animal into screen shot. Then he captures the animal, tags it, and then lets it go.

Lead Conversion is a lot like that. (But don’t tell your prospects that they are wild animals!)

Here, let me show you in these few steps.

(1) You need some bait. This can be the promise of a cool item, an enticing offer, a well-designed website. Let’s call this your CALL-TO-ACTION.

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