Lead Conversion in the Wild

Have you ever watched one of those shows on The Learning Channel or The Discovery Channel? You know the ones that I am talking about. You watch someone in the Wild lure an animal into screen shot. Then he captures the animal, tags it, and then lets it go.

Lead Conversion is a lot like that. (But don’t tell your prospects that they are wild animals!)

Here, let me show you in these few steps.

(1) You need some bait. This can be the promise of a cool item, an enticing offer, a well-designed website. Let’s call this your CALL-TO-ACTION.

(2) Next is the capture. We’ll call this the LANDING PAGE. you don’t want them to escape just yet. You want their information.

(3) Followed by the tag. This will be the FORM. This is where you actually get their information, their email address, their smartphone number. This allows you to identify them. They are tagged.

(4) And finally, the release. This is known as the THANK YOU PAGE. Once you have their information, you can release them back into the wild (the internet.)